Why take lessons?  Tennis can be a difficult game to attempt on your own. To the untrained eye the movements in tennis can seem much more complex than they are once they are understood and “felt” in the neuro-muscular system. Besides, there is no greater enjoyment than improving one’s tennis while playing this game.  Instruction makes you better.

Our professional staff is well known for offering highly motivating, innovative and fun group and private instruction. 


All GTC instruction is supervised by owner and tennis director Wayne Stewart.  With the many changes taking place in today’s tennis world, experienced direction and ongoing education of all teaching staff is a necessity.  We believe that this responsibility cannot be farmed out to just anybody.

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With teaching programs that change seasonally to include a Spring and Fall Semester as well as a wide array of Summer Camps and instruction classes, it is best to contact the club for more personalized and specific options for you or your family.

Adult Lessons:

Adult clinics are set up with each individual player in mind.  Our clinics are NOT drop in, pay 10 bucks and get what you get!!!!  We place players in groups of 4 like players and carefully program and plan each lesson.  Clinics will address individual shots , doubles strategies and positioning as well as tricks of the trade.  Each clinic will address these areas at the level of the players.

Clinics are typically set up in four week sessions for 1 hour or 1 and 1/2 hour time slots.  Morning and evening clinics are available for women and men alike.  Each participant is given the opportunity to re-enroll in their clinic time slot for an additional 4 week session. 



Check out our junior page for information on junior lessons, clinics, and privates.