Stewart Elite

The top tier of the Stewart Academy is for players that aspire to become tennis players.  They have goals of rankings, scholarships and beyond.  These players make a written commitment each year to put tennis and academics as their top priorities.  Players spend time outside of class working on their game, fitness and mental toughness.

The Stewart Academy trains some of the top players in the Southern Section.  We are proud of our hard working dedicated students.

A few of our top players in our younger age groups include: Andrew R.10 years old,  number 2 in SC number 11 in Southern section and 81 in the Nation.  Nathan P. 5 in SC number 41 in Southern section and 170 in the Nation.  Keira S. 2 in SC 68 in the southern section and 395 in the nation. 

Boys 14’s…. Matt R. number 3 in SC number 32 in the Southern Section and 340 in the nation. Matt P. 7 in SC 74 in Southern section and 500 in the nation.